The artist for 9mm Special Effects, Kevin Carter, has been designing theatrical and therapeutic contacts since 1994. He started the hand painted contact lens departments of both Adventure In Colors and Crystal Reflections before he and his wife, Ginni, created their own company.You can view an extensive list of the films we have worked on here:


Q. What is the clear edge option?
A. If we are using a 15.0 size lens, and the color is 13mm, then the outer edge of the lens by default will be white. you would choose the clear edge option if you do not want the edge to be white.

Q. How is the vision?
A. While wearing theatrical contact lenses you may experience some tunnel vision.

Q. Are the contact lenses used by 9mm Special Effects FDA approved?
A. Yes, the contact lenses used by 9mm are approved by the FDA.

Q. Do you ship outside the United States?
A. Yes, we ship worldwide.

Q. How much is shipping?
A. International Priority by FedEx is $40, US Shipping is $20 by FedEx

Q. How do I find out the base curve and diameter?
A. The only way to get ther base curve and diameter is from a contact lens exam. Incorrect base curve and diameter will cause the lenses to not fit properly.

Q. Can I return the lenses to have the color toned down or changed in any way?
A. No, once the lenses have been colored there can be no further adjustments made. If you feel that the color is not correct, we can take a look at them and if the color is off, we will correct them.